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Wines for Summer

This time of year a common question around our tasting rooms goes a little something like “What do you recommend for summer?” Considering we live in Michigan, where the weather often throws us curve balls, the answer to this question can go in a lot of different directions. But we do have our favorites… Cans […]

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Wine Labels 101

Wine labels in the United States are highly regulated – even more so than food labels. As a result they often contain confusing information for consumers. Much of what appears on the wine label is regulated by the Federal Government. In fact, each and every label is approved – even those imported from other countries. […]

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Wine Bottle Aging Experiment

We get questions almost daily on wine aging. One of the most common questions surrounds how long a bottle of wine can last after the cork is pulled. From an anecdotal perspective we have recommended a few days, but is that really accurate? And certainly the varietal must play a role? We have also noticed, […]

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Haze in Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Last spring we wrote an article, “A Winemaker’s Dilemma”, wherein we commented on some of the decisions facing a winemaker; and how achieving clarity and stability often means sacrificing some aspect of quality in the process.  We spoke specifically about this year’s Sauvignon Blanc, and how there was a slight chance that a protein haze […]

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