Our Wines

Fenn Valley offers a wide selection of wines for every palate. There are many ways to experience our wines ranging from free tastings to custom private labels. Prices and availability subject to change without notice.


White and Sparkling Wines

Great white wine has long been a staple of the Michigan wine industry. Our naturally cool climate and relatively short growing season allow us to make extremely well balanced premium white wine. Wines from our region tend to exhibit crisp character perfect for pairing with foods or enjoying on their own.

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High quality red wine can be tricky to produce in a cool climate such as Michigan. Our unique location along the Lake Michigan shore combined with nearly 40 years of experience allow us to consistently product world-class red wines.

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Our specialty wines include a wide array of products for a variety of wine drinkers. This category includes our ever popular Classic Port and 42 Ice Wine.

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We produce these premium quality wines from locally grown fruit. We focus on cherry and blueberry, as well as raspberries when conditions are right.

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