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Grower Spotlight – Robert VanVleck

Born April 20, 1942 – Lansing, MI Education High School Diploma – Charlotte High School Baccalaureate – Central Michigan University Graduate Work – Michigan State University Years Farming Bob has farmed his entire life, with breaks for schooling. Years Working With Fenn Valley Bob has been selling grapes to Fenn Valley since 1999, and is […]

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Wine Labels 101

Wine labels in the United States are highly regulated – even more so than food labels. As a result they often contain confusing information for consumers. Much of what appears on the wine label is regulated by the Federal Government. In fact, each and every label is approved – even those imported from other countries. […]

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How do we pick the grapes?

  It is one of the most common questions around the tasting room and on tours. And for good reason…there isn’t a real quick answer. Generally speaking there are two methods of getting the fruit off the vines – hand picking and machine harvesting. In 2012 we hand harvested somewhere around 70% of the vineyards. […]

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Haze in Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Last spring we wrote an article, “A Winemaker’s Dilemma”, wherein we commented on some of the decisions facing a winemaker; and how achieving clarity and stability often means sacrificing some aspect of quality in the process.  We spoke specifically about this year’s Sauvignon Blanc, and how there was a slight chance that a protein haze […]

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Sunflowers in the Vineyards

If you had an opportunity to visit Fenn Valley this August, you saw acres and acres of sunflowers. Mixed in the forest of sunflower stalks was another thigh high plant covered with white blooms – buckwheat. This buckwheat/sunflower mix is a part of our effort to prepare 15 acres of ground for future vineyard plantings. […]

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