Proposal_FV-300x200Putting on a new event is always full of surprises. The Vine Wine’d was no exception. Hosting a trail run for 700 people followed by a huge party was almost like cramming two events into one day. But in the end it was totally worth it. The Vine Wine’d is here to stay.

Just when we thought the surprises were done for the day a resourceful and creative runner provided one more…and what a pleasant surprise it was! Drew Holloway decided to use the inaugural 5K as the backdrop for what would turn out to be one of the most important days of his life.

You see just after the finish line Drew dropped down on one knee and asked the woman of his dreams to marry him. And she said yes!

When I heard this story, I had to know more. How did Drew choose to propose at Fenn Valley, let alone at the 5K? How did he handle the obvious logistical challenges? How was the run? Luckily someone from Fenn Valley collected his contact information and Drew has kind enough to share his incredible story.

Drew’s family has long vacationed in southwest Michigan. The Holloway’s are from middle Indiana, making it a manageable commute for family vacations. He described in vivid detail memories of days at the beach, farm markets, and the myriad activities responsible for attracting millions of people to our region each year. He went on to describe how Fenn Valley worked its way into his vacation traditions shortly after he was of legal age to drink.

As his relationship with now fiancée Breanne Talbott grew, she began to take part in family vacations and traditions, including trips to Michigan. Among many things they share a common love for local products – including wine and beer. As a result Fenn Valley became a regular stop for Drew and Breanne when they were in town.

Fenn-Valley_Barrel-300x200Their relationship with running wasn’t so congruent, describes Drew. It took some time for him to get the running bug, but once he did it stuck. Today Drew considers himself an avid runner, and credits Breanne with introducing him to the sport. When he decided to pop the big question a 5K at the vineyard seemed like the perfect venue to highlight and honor the relationship.

Of course, proposing while running a race isn’t exactly easy. For those who have proposed, you know it carries enough excitement (and perhaps a little stress) without the addition of a physical challenge. There are also the obvious logistical issues such as where to keep the ring.

From my limited discussions with Drew, it’s clear he is a resourceful man. I would go so far as to say the logistics were probably a welcome challenge. His original plan was to have the run of his career and finish well before his soon-to-be fiancée. He was counting on having enough time to fish the ring out of his carefully executed double pocket and be down on one knee as Breanne crossed the finish line.

Sounds perfect, right? Like any good plan, Drew’s didn’t survive reality for long. Perhaps he was a little too nervous to layer the run of his life on top of the most important question he’s ever asked? Perhaps Breanne was leveraging her running experience to concur the hilly course? Or maybe a little of both…either way Drew found Breanne right on his heels with less than a mile to go!

Rather than attempt a dead sprint followed by a harrowing ring extraction then a romantic down-on-one-knee proposal, Drew opted for a less dramatic outcome. He simply told Breanne to go on without him. She was having a great run and, like any good athlete, wasn’t about to slow down just to be nice!

After Breanne was out of sight, Drew stopped to get the ring ready and collect his wits. He proceeded to cross the finish line shortly after Breanne. He easily located her and dropped to one knee. From numerous reports he certainly caught her by surprise, but there wasn’t a second of hesitation as she enthusiastically agreed to marry him. Thank goodness we decided to place sparkling wine at the finish line!

Drew and Breanne are actively planning their wedding, which will also be held in southwest Michigan. In typical form, they are seeking out local vendors to provide their guests with a truly authentic Michigan experience. We are honored Fenn Valley wine will be served on such an important day.

Drew and Breanne – thank you for including us in such an important part of your life. We are truly honored, and wish you a lifetime of happiness. Cheers from Fenn Valley!

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