Fenn Valley Services

Fenn Valley Services is a division of Fenn Valley Vineyards specifically focused on leveraging our 40+ years of experience to help other farmers, wine makers and wine marketers be more successful. Our approach is customized and consultative for each client. We offer a complete range of options from simple crush/press operations all the way up to complete winemaking, packaging and even eCommerce support.


Crush and press equipment is among the least scale-able in a wineries’ capital expenditures. Most wine producers operate this equipment a handful of days per year, making the investment impractical and unnecessary. Our team of dedicated experts can ensure your grapes are processed efficiently and to your specifications. In addition to crushing and juice extraction, we can handle clarification via cold settling or centrifugation.

Bulk Wine Production

We offer a complete range of options dedicated to helping you be more productive and innovative with bulk wine. Whether you crush and press with us or not, we are fully capable of end-to-end bulk wine production including:

  • Fermentation: Temperature controlled, precisely monitored alcoholic and malolactic fermentation is available for both red and white wines. Using state-of-the-art lab equipment we will continually monitor yeast nutrition during fermentation to ensure proper protocol, saving money on often unnecessary additives and ensuring fermentation is healthy and efficient.

  • Centrifugation: Often done post-fermentation, our ability to centrifuge wine and juice is a key capability. Not only does this process save significant time, but the efficiency of removing solids leads to less off aromatics as well as a lower filtration loss throughout the winemaking process.

  • Filtration: Using a combination of crossflow, plate and frame as well as cartridge filtration, we can clean up your wine or hard cider quickly and effectively.

  • Additions/Treatments: From standard stability additions all the way up to highly specific additions and treatments, we can provide full-service winemaking for virtually anything you can imagine.

Custom Packaging

Our experienced packaging team can handle just about every format imaginable, including bottles, cans, bag-in-box and kegs. We will even help with TTB approval to ensure labels are fully compliant with Federal labeling laws. In addition, our use of Velcorin and in-line sterile filtration gives you confidence your packaged product will be stable for years to come.


Using state-of-the art enzymatic discrete analyzation tools our lab can run just about any test needed for wine and hard cider production. We offer this at a discounted rate for those utilizing our bulk wine production capabilities, or as a standalone service for clients simply looking for a lab partner.

Wine eCommerce

New for Fenn Valley! In partnership with Carrier Signal, an IT and website design company, we offer a complete package for wineries looking to expand their eCommerce offerings. Our specialized capabilities include:

  • State and Federal shipping compliance

  • Experience bookings (e.g. reserved tastings and tours)

  • State and Local Tax collection and remittance

  • Email Marketing support

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Payment Gateway Integration

  • Website Hosting

  • Google Ads

We offer eCommerce services at a discounted rate for clients taking advantage of our wine and cider making services, or as a standalone service for anyone in the United States.

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