Chili Cook-off

JANUARY 20th, 2024

Chili Cook-off categories will be the same as in past years: Four Legs (beef and pork), Two Legs (Fowl), Vegetarian (non-meat), and Exotic (Seafood or wild game, including venison). Registration will open on December 1st, 2023.

Schedule of Events

  • 1pm: Contestants may enter
  • 1pm-2pm: Chili entries accepted
  • 2pm: Attendee-only guests may enter
  • 4pm: Winners announced
  • 4:45pm: Last call for wine and hard cider by the glass

All times Eastern.

2023 Chili Cook-off Winners

Best of Show: Daniel Hathaway, Holland, MI

Peoples Choice: Cris Burton, Hamilton, MI

2 Legs

  1. Elizabeth Bale, Allegan, MI
  2. Robert Niemiec, Grand Haven, MI
  3. Patricia Balcom, Casnovia, MI

4 Legs

  1. Daniel Hathaway, Holland, MI
  2. Jody Dinger, Holland, MI
  3. Ann Hislop, Muskegon, MI

No Legs

  1. Patrick Berends, Jenison, MI
  2. Annie Lemmer, Bloomingdale, MI
  3. Danielle Chilvere, Grand Rapids, MI


  1. Brian Dobrinski, Zeeland, MI
  2. Brandy Bale, Holland, MI
  3. Patrick Berends, Jenison, MI


  1. Please pre-register at No chilies will be accepted without proper registration.
  2. Categorization of chilies is as follows:
    1. 4-Legs: Contains meat such as beer or pork, which walks on four legs.
    2. 2-Legs: Contains meat such as chicken or turkey, which walk on two legs.
    3. No Legs: Does not contain ANY meat or fowl.
    4. Exotic: Contains meat or fowl other than those listed above, such as wild game or seafood.
  3. There are no cooking facilities available on site so entries much be received in a ready-to-judge form. We recommend a crock-pot as hot as possible.
  4. We do not allow garnishes.
  5. All chilies must arrive at the prescribed time.
  6. There are three judges per category. Each judge uses a 14 point scale and all chilies are judged blind. Criteria used to judge include: color, aroma, texture, heat/spice, flavor and overall enjoyment.
  7. The highest scoring chili from each category will be re-evaluated by all 12 judges for the position of “Best of Show” chili.
  8. Any ingredient you feel will enhance the flavor of your chili is allowed, provided it doesn’t disqualify you from the category chosen.
  9. This is not an International Chili Society sanctioned cook-off and is not affiliated with any other entity.