Piquette, a low alcohol (3.7%), slightly fizzy, spritzer style wine is made by re-hydrating the grape pomace after it has already been pressed for traditional wine. The pomace contains enough residual sugar and flavor to make a craft beverage out of what would otherwise be a waste product.

The technique was employed by French farmhands and vineyard workers as a way to enjoy an inexpensive and lower alcohol product on the job. We have adapted this technique with modern winemaking practices to create a refreshing, beverage perfect for a summer afternoon on the patio.

The can is the perfect format for this refreshing beverage. Cans are…

  • Non-breakable cans are safe at the pool or on the beach
  • Convenient 2 1⁄2 servings per can
  • Aluminum cans are the most sustainable beverage container
  • Light-weight and easy to transport

You are purchasing a 4-pack of 375ml cans.