Late Harvest Vignoles is back! September 2013 was one of the driest Septembers on record, and the dry weather along with warm temperatures during ripening time resulted in some amazing grapes. 25% of the Vignoles grapes turned to raisins. This drying was augmented by Botrytis, a fungus often referred to as “Noble Rot.” The favorable type of Botrytis, which can produce a desirable sweetness and distinct apricot character in wine, occurs when drier conditions follow some wet weather. 2012 delivered exactly such conditions and we observed heavy infestation of the “noble” form of Botrytis in our Vignoles grape clusters. We have been growing grapes and making wine for almost 40 years, and have never seen anything as spectacular.

The resulting wine is very fragrant in the nose with a distinct pineapple and mango character blended with tropical fruit, kiwi, and faint strawberry. Supple body with a cleansing crispness. The forward fruit, crisp acidity and slight tannic structure balance the sweetness. It finishes long and soft with a balancing peach-apricot and butterscotch character.