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Lunch with the Winemaker

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LimeSoup-300x221These events are structured much like our popular “Winemaker dinners”, but are a bit more value driven.

The next culinary lunch excursion has yet to be planned,  please subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when the next one is planned.

Past Lunch Menus

May 30th, 2015 Lunch with the Winemaker

Chef Celita Louback Welsch & Doug Welsch

First Course – Paired with Cabaret Rose 2014

Dolmadakia (Greece) – Vegetarian stuffed grape leaves (v)

Kibbeh (Lebanon) – Bulgar and meat croquette

Falafel (Israel) – Chick pea and fava bean patty (v)

Pao de Queijo (Brazil) – Cheese bread (v)

Empanada (Argentina) – Vegetarian folded pastry (v)

Soup Course – Paired with Vino Verde 2014

Yucatan Chicken-Lime Soup (Mexico) – Sour and savory (g)

Entree Course – Paired with Merlot Estate Reserve 2012

Beef Stroganoff (Russia) – Beef stew with creamy sauce (g)

Celita’s Garlic Rice – (g)

Dessert Buffett – Paired with Late Harvest Vignoles 2012

Arroz Doce (Portugal) – Rice pudding (vg)

Cotton Cake (Japan) – Fluffy Cheese Cake (v)

German Cream Cake (Germany) – Creamy, rich, and savory (v)

Note: (v)=vegetarian   (g)=gluten free  We reserve the right to change the menu or the wines without notice.

Past Lunch Menus

May 3rd, 2014 Lunch with the Winemaker

Chef Christine Ferris & Celita Louback Welsch

First Course – Caldeirade de Peixe

Portuguese Fish Stew

Vino Verde 2013

Second Course – Tortilha de Chourico

Portuguese Sausage Frittata on Mixed Greens

Cabaret Rose’ 2013

Main Course – Portuguese Lamb

Served in Red Wine over Rice

Merlot Estate Reserve 2012

Desserts, Provided by Celita Louback Welsch

Rabanadas – Sweet Baked French Toast

Arroz Doce – Rice Pudding

Late Harvest Vignoles 2012 & Brazilian Coffee

May 4th Lunch with the Winemaker

Chef Christine Ferris & Celita Louback Welsch

First Course – Ceviche with Corn Bread

Vino Verde 2012

Second Course – Smoked Turkey Salad

Lightly smoked turkey with dried cherries & walnuts on a bed of mixed greens and multi-grain bread

Cabaret Rose 2012

Third Course – Morel Risotto

With Parmesan and lemon zest

Dry Riesling 2012

Dessert – Creme Brulee with Coconut Biscuits

Late Harvest Vignoles 2012
September 7th Lunch with the Winemaker

Chef Jim LaPerriere & Celita Louback Welsch

First Course – Crawfish Étoufée

Edelzwicker 2012

Second Course – New Orleans Rice & Beans with Andouille Sausage

Merlot 2012

Dessert – Beignets and Brazilian Cakes

Late Harvest Vignoles 2012

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