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Fenn Valley MAEAP Verification

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MAEAP stands for Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program. This voluntary program helps a farm identify potential practices that could lead to negative environmental impacts. The primary focus of MAEAP is groundwater protection.

Fenn Valley began the process of becoming MAEAP verified in 2007. At the initial assessment, over 20 different farming practices were identified as needing improvement. While our farming operation had no spills or contamination events, we came to recognize our system was susceptible to these problems. MAEAP is focused on putting in place the infrastructure to make these events less likely, and if they do occur, the farming operation has a plan in place to minimize any environmental impact.

We proudly became MAEAP verified on March 4th, 2013. The time and effort that we have put into this program has yielded more than verification, it has made us better all-around agricultural stewards of the environment. For more information about MAEAP, including a statewide promotion of verified wineries in the month of April, visit

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