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Garlic Spread

Suggested Wines Meritage (Dry Red) Capriccio (Dry Red) Lakeshore Ruby Red (Semi-Dry Red) This recipe is a Welsch family favorite, and was originally published in our print newsletter in 1996! Spread this flavorful concoction on slices of fresh baked bread and serve them with your favorite Italian red sauce and pasta or on their own […]

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Wine Labels 101

Wine labels in the United States are highly regulated – even more so than food labels. As a result they often contain confusing information for consumers. Much of what appears on the wine label is regulated by the Federal Government. In fact, each and every label is approved – even those imported from other countries. […]

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Wine Bottle Aging Experiment

We get questions almost daily on wine aging. One of the most common questions surrounds how long a bottle of wine can last after the cork is pulled. From an anecdotal perspective we have recommended a few days, but is that really accurate? And certainly the varietal must play a role? We have also noticed, […]

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A Winemaker’s Dilemma

Add a little yeast to some grape juice, allow the yeast to convert the grape sugar into alcohol, and you have wine. Nothing to it. Now all that needs to be done is clarify the wine to the satisfaction of the consumer and put it in a bottle. Ahhhhh… There is the problem, there is […]

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Lemon Chicken Soup

Suggested Wines Sauvignon Blanc (Dry White) Riesling (Semi-Dry White) From the Kitchen of Doug & Celita Welsch This refreshing soup is a nice change of pace anytime of year. Serve this soup with a crisp and cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc. The fresh lemon taste of the soup will complement the citrus character of the […]

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Haze in Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Last spring we wrote an article, “A Winemaker’s Dilemma”, wherein we commented on some of the decisions facing a winemaker; and how achieving clarity and stability often means sacrificing some aspect of quality in the process.  We spoke specifically about this year’s Sauvignon Blanc, and how there was a slight chance that a protein haze […]

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Sunflowers in the Vineyards

If you had an opportunity to visit Fenn Valley this August, you saw acres and acres of sunflowers. Mixed in the forest of sunflower stalks was another thigh high plant covered with white blooms – buckwheat. This buckwheat/sunflower mix is a part of our effort to prepare 15 acres of ground for future vineyard plantings. […]

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